Facial mesotherapy is the microinjection of actively beneficial biological substances into different layers of the skin (meso cocktail).

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This technique, which occupies a special place in aesthetic medicine, is considered to be an effective way of rejuvenation and skin care. Unlike other methods, facial mesotherapy in allows you to inject necessary biologically nutrients directly into the skin cells. This ensures long-term deposition in the skin, and activates the metabolism in the cells, which significantly rejuvenates them. In addition, with the help of facial mesotherapy, microinjection ensures maximum effectiveness when using different preparations in small doses – vitamin cocktails for the face. They contain: vitamins of various types, microelements, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, embryonic preparations. In other words – various substances that can qualitatively affect the condition of the skin. After entering the skin, they begin to actively produce collagen and elastin, restoring the structure of the skin from the inside, smooth out wrinkles, restore skin tone and firmness, and return the skin a healthy appearance.